Survey Form

Are you Working for Waders?

Are you Working for Waders?

Lots of work has been going on behind the scenes over the past few weeks as we set up the recording systems we need to gather information about waders in Scotland. Our new website has attracted lots of enquiries and messages of support from charities, farmers and birdwatchers across the country, from Orkney to Kent. We're really keen to build on the impact we have made so far!

One of our main aims is to find out who is doing what and where, and our survey form was put together to help us identify key areas for waders and wader conservation.

Please take a few minutes to get in touch if you are Working for Waders - the information we receive via the form will help to establish a basic foundation for the project to build on. We have just produced a digital version of the form which can be filled in HERE, and we hope that all our supporters will build on the steady flow of input which has been coming in over the last few weeks by submitting some basic information about their work.

We are also currently working on a map to record the information from survey returns, and we hope that this will soon be live on the website. The map should help to highlight priority areas for future work, and several drafts have been put forward over the last few weeks.

In the meantime, several people have been in touch to talk about waders and share their observations of birds and wildlife during a hot, dry summer. Waders are very special birds, and we have been thrilled to find that there is great public interest in conserving these iconic species.

Working for Waders