Working Together

Actions are being outlined

Actions are being outlined

Our waders are returning to hills, glens and farmlands with their charismatic calls and distinctive flight patterns and silhouettes. Their numbers are still in worrying decline but together we can work to improve their future. 

Partners in Working for Waders are collaborating on several actions which they hope to deliver this year, including:

·       Develop a trial management project for waders; 

·       Scope a Facilitation Fund to provide on-the-ground support and guidance;

·       Develop Best Practice Guidance for wader management; 

·       Map wader ‘hot spots’ and ‘cooling spots’; 

·       Develop guidance on wader monitoring methods; 

·       Hold an autumn Working for Waders conference and/or later parliamentary reception.

If you have other ideas or wish to be involved we would be delighted to hear from you. The groups are all flexible and new members (whether short-term or longer-term) will be welcomed at any time.  

Funding is being sought from a range of sources including a Working for Waders Challenge Fund which is being developed to support work in this coming year. 

We also have a Working for Waders map which helps to show the breadth and depth of wader activity across Scotland. This is a great way of showing people at a glance what is happening. We are aware there is a lot more going on than is shown on the map at the moment. We would be grateful if you could let us know details of work you are involved with helping waders to add to the map via this simple form.

Working for Waders